Frequently Asked Questions

Our Top 10 Questions you should ask your next Home Remodeler before you decide to hire :

1. Has your contractor provided you a written contract with an estimated project completion date?

At Vision Construction, we provide all of our clients with a very detailed quote of their project and will always give an honest estimate of how long your project will take from start to finish. You will never have to worry about us receiving a deposit, starting your project, and not hearing from us for days or weeks at a time.

2. Have they provided you a copy of their Liability Insurance to protect you and your investment?

We understand that your home is one of the largest investments you’ll ever make and that you take pride in keeping it maintained and safe for your family. We also understand that accidents can sometimes happen in the building industry, which is why we take every measure to insure your project runs as smoothly as possible. To protect us all during those challenges, we are fully insured and will always provide our clients with a written Liability Insurance Certificate whenever requested.

3. What is their warranty on their services?

At Vision Construction we are always striving to be the premier building and remodeling contractor in our region. To accomplish this goal, we understand that not only do our services and quality need to be second to none, but our warranty and follow up services to our clients need to be the best in the industry. From the quality of our products we install, to the professional contractors that we trust on our projects, as well as the skilled team members we have at Vision, it becomes easy for us to stand behind our 10 Year Guarantee. If at any time during that 10 year period after your project is completed, you have a concern of our work performance, in terms of structural integrity and craftsmanship, we will promptly address your issues and make you feel confident that you have entrusted the right professionals for your project.

4. Who will be managing the day to day operations of your project?

You can rest assured that your project will be managed and handled in a professional manner with an attention to detail. Our Production Manager, John Schott will be the point man calling all of the shots (maybe a little pun intended) during your project. He will oversee the work and crew that are on site, as well as the scheduling of materials, selections, and any trade partners that may be needed during a project. John is who you will see day in and day out, and is the main contact you will direct any questions or concerns to.

5. Do they have a past client reference list that you can call on and possibly see their past work?

Our referrals and repeat clients have been, and always will be, the lifeblood of our company. It brings great joy to receive a request for work when we know that a potential client has been referred to us from another satisfied customer. In many instances our past clients are very eager to showcase our craftsmanship and welcome the opportunity to answer any questions a future client may have. We will always provide a referral list for you to call upon and in many cases, can refer you to past clients who have had a similar project completed on their home.

6. What are their payment terms (how much are you required to pay up front and at what point is final payment due)?

We understand the fear that so many individuals may have when not only selecting a contractor for their project, but also in the payment terms that they require. At Vision, we will clearly detail out the required draws for your project in our upfront quote so that there are never any surprises. Additionally, when your project is near completion, we take great measures to ensure your complete satisfaction before we ask to be paid in full.

7. Do they pull all the proper permits that are required?

One of the reasons you’ve decided to hire a professional contractor for your project is because you are uncertain of all the steps of construction and the specific building code requirements necessary to complete your job. Here at Vision, we will always make sure that your project is complying by these building codes by submitting all necessary permits, as well as meeting with any required building officials along the way.

8. Do they have an architect or designer on their team or can you use your own?

Whether you have already been working with a designer or architect when you contact us, or if you need some guidance from our in-house team to help fulfill your vision for your project, we have the team members and ability to meet all of your needs. From designing a complete new custom home to remodeling an old and outdated bathroom, we have the tools and crew to pull it all together.

9. What type of products and suppliers will be used for your project?

We take a tremendous amount of pride in the work we do here at Vision Construction. One of the reasons we feel comfortable standing behind a 10 Year Guarantee on our services is because of the quality products we provide to our clients. We do not believe in taking shortcuts or installing inferior materials, because it hurts you, the customer, and we as your service provider, in the long run. Yes, we do offer much flexibility in the brand name products you may desire, but we are here to help guide you in the selection process and make sure you are always making wise choices along the way.

10. Why should I hire you over ABC Construction?

Today there are hundreds of contractors in this region to choose from that are in the business of building and remodeling. This only makes the process of interviewing and hiring that much more difficult for you. At Vision Construction, we want to take the fear out of the equation and make this experience a very enjoyable one for you and your family. From the unparalleled customer service we provide, a warranty and guarantee that is leading this industry, to the attention to detail we instill in each and every one of our projects, you will always know that we have your best interest at heart and will strive to exceed all of your expectations. Trust Vision Construction for all of your building and remodeling needs and let us Turn Your Vision Into Reality!

More Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does every remodeling job need a permit?

According to the city of Cincinnati’s Residential Permit Guide: “Permits are required for all new construction, major repairs, alterations, and additions, which include structural, plumbing, mechanical and electrical changes.” The same rules apply to commercial remodeling services. Check this link for more information:

Q. How important is it for my remodeling contractor to be licensed and insured?

It is vital that your remodeling expert be licensed and insured. Should any issues occur during the remodeling process, the proper licensing and insurance will ensure that you’ll be properly compensated and that those issues will be properly rectified.

Q. When do I need to make decisions on appliances, fixtures, etc.?

You can make this decision at any point in the remodeling process. However, it’s best that you make this call as early as possible so your remodelers can account for size, spacing, wiring, and other such factors.

Q. When is the best time to remodel my home?

You should remodel your home when its current appearance and functionality hinder your ability to enjoy the time you spend in it. Even then, there’s no right or wrong time to remodel. Simply do so when you’re ready to overhaul your home!

Q. How long does the remodeling project take?

The length of the work varies depending on the type and size of the job. Check with Vision Construction before any job begins if you need a close approximation of how long your particular project should take.

Q. Who is responsible to pay if something is damaged in my home during remodeling?

The party that caused the damage is liable to pay. If we’re at fault for any damages done to your home during the remodeling process, then we have the responsibility of compensating you for those damages.

Q. How do you keep dust from going everywhere during remodeling?

We utilize tarps to reduce airflow from one room to the next so that dust doesn’t travel throughout your home. We further minimize the presence of dust in your home with commercial-grade vacuums that filter out the majority of it.

Q. Will I be without power/water/gas during the remodel?

You may temporarily be without the use of these utilities at certain stages in the process. We’ll always give you early warning when we plan to cut off a utility and how long we expect that utility to be out of service.



My bathroom remodel was done with such precision and care. I love it! Jason, Noah, John, and all of these guys were like family to me. They worked hard, cleaned up, and listened to me. I will hire them again for the next remodel. You get what you pay [...]
Jason and his team are great to work with; honest, fast efficient quality work. Highly recommend Vision Construction! [...]


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